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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Moscow Times: Toys manage to carry out protest!

This Tuesday's article in the Moscow Times is about toys protesting in Russia! How brave of them! It's pretty cold on the street and they stood up to the police! :-)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The winners!!

Hello friends! Was your Valentine's Day fun and lovely! We have TOYHOP Contest winners here tonight! Meet Dillon, Wide Load and Spotty!

 This is Dillon La-Donkey - our 1st prize winner with 38 votes! He loves tea and cakes and this is his Facebook Page - in case you want to say hi and be friends!

Say hi to Wide Load! Our 2nd prize goes to him for 14 votes! He is from Cute and Creepy's Cannabalized Cuties in Los Angeles, California and he loooooves food! You can find more amazing toys by talented Jessica King if yopu follow this links: Facebook//Etsy//Store

 Aaaand our 3rd winner - Spotty Watson! He's from Burnaby, BC originally, but now lives in Toronto, Ontario - both in Canada. This is quintessential Spotty, he's the one in the very bottom right corner, in the Canucks toque. Say "Congratulations!" to Spotty HERE.

As we mentioned before our wonderful winners get super prizes from TOYHOP:

1st - FREE ToyPortrait + 50% discount on any Hop to Moscow!
2nd - FREE ToyPortrait + 25% discount on any Hop to Moscow!
3rd - 50% discount on a ToyPortrait + 10% discount on any Hop to Moscow!

Also all the participants received a 25% discount on ToyPortrait just for entering! Congratulations!