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Friday, December 24, 2010

Recipe: Gingerbread House

Food is one of my favorite things to learn about!!! You can find all of the recipes I've picked up around the world here!

A Christmas Miracle!

Creating and decorating a gingerbread house is magical... the smell... the taste... the creativity and freedom you feel while building your own, colorful dream home! It is a wonderful tradition for kids to grow up with. Best of all, it let's us adults rekindle that magic for a little while!

1. Gingerbread dough

Butter 200 g or 0.44 lb
Sugar 200 g or 0.44 lb
Flour 300 g or 0.66 lb
2 Eggs
Cocoa 2 t sp
Ground ginger 2 t sp
Ground cinnamon 1 t sp
Ground carnation 1 t sp
Baking powder 3 t sp

Mmmm the spices!

Sift flour, ginger, cinnamon, carnation, baking powder and cocoa. 

Add the softened butter cut in slices and chop it to lumps. 

Mix with sugar and egg, roll in a sphere, wrap in plastic and cool in a fridge for 1,5-2h. 

Then unroll and cut out the house parts. 

Bake for 13-15 minutes in a 180ะก or 356F oven. Let it cool down.

2. For the icing:

1 egg white
sugar powder 0.5 cup
lemon juice 1 tb sp

Cooled egg white whip with a mixer, add powder, in the end add lemon juice.

3. Construct the basic house, mortaring the pieces together with icing

This is where it really helps to have more than two hands working on a house, and why making a gingerbread house is so much more fun with company than alone. If you are working on this alone, it may help to grab some canned goods from the pantry and use the cans to help prop up the pieces while the icing mortar is drying.

4. Decorate the Gingerbread House!

Here's the fun part! This step requires a trip to the candy section of your local grocery store. You can decorate your house with whatever types of candy pleases you. Everyone can participate. Give each family member a wall or roof to do!

You can use dough scraps to roll out added decorative cut-outs to be applied with icing glue. These cutouts can be impressed with designs before baking. For example, you could make window shutters, doors, or figurines! They can be "painted" with colored icing.

My first ever Gingerbread House! Happy Holidays, dear Friends!

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  1. Hello Michael,

    I made a gingerbread house too! You can see it here:

    I like your house, do you like mine too?