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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fireworks in Four Languages

Hi everybody, it's time for another 4-language post! Please add your language in the comments! And I'm still learning, so if you see anything wrong with my sentences, do let me know! :-)

- Michael

Busan, South Korea - 2010

I hear fireworks!
Did you see the fireworks last night?
He has always been afraid of fireworks

J'entends des feux d'artifice!
Est-ce que tu as vu les feux d'artifice hier soir?
Il avait toujours peur de feux d'artifice.

Я слышу фейерверки!
Вы видели фейерверки прошлой ночью?
Он всегда боялся фейерверков.

¡Oigo fuegos artificiales!
¿Vio los fuegos artificiales anoche?
Él siempre ha tenido miedo de fuegos artificiales.


  1. In Dutch:

    Ik hoor vuurwerk!
    Heb je gisteravond het vuurwerk gezien?
    Hij is altijd al bang voor vuurwerk geweest.

    I like these posts!

    But I don't like fireworks, they scare Poes (our cat) she goes into the closet and stays there. Sometimes she stayed there 3 or 4 days (before new years eve). So I'd prefer firework without sound!

  2. I love fireworks :))))
    Your Spanish is very good, I would like to speak so many languages as you

  3. Russian looks so beautiful, Michael. I'm afraid English is all I can offer :)

  4. In Hindi

    Mai fireworks sun sakta hun!

    Kya tumne kal raat fireworks dekhe?

    Usse hamesha firework se darr lagta hain.

  5. Thanks so much Nikita for your Hindi, and your Dutch, Hammie!!! Your poor kitty! Yes, they are very pretty, but they can be so loud! Thanks Raquel!!! I am glad I got it right!!! That's alright Feronia! I'll do a post soon on the Cyrillic alphabet, you can also take a look at this past post for some simple Russian words and phrases if you are interested: