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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi everybody! Today I took a trip just over the Idaho border to western Montana! I floated down a river in the bright sunshine and saw mountains and fishermen and trees!

The water was so clear and clean in the river I could sometimes see fish swimming right below me.

It was great!  I definitely recommend making a trip to Idaho and Montana!!!  More coming soon!


Michael TheMonkey


  1. Ah...this is the cutest thing ever! I have a blue squirrel that just went to London and Scotland with me in March and I plan to take him everywhere with me in the future. I might just have to start a blog for him as well. Precious!

  2. Hi Collins, thanks for following me!!! Please do start a blog for your squirrel, I'd love to meet him ;-)

  3. Nice pictures Michael! I like the one where you can see the fish! And I agree with you Michael, having a new blue squirrel friend would be very nice! And red and blue go very well together ;-)!

  4. Very good pictures :) And what a great landscape! You are very lucky to visit those wonderful places :)