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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tanya's trip

Hello friends! This is Tanya! I'm in Russia while Michael is in the States! Let me tell you what i do here! Last weekend i took a trip to an old Russian town - Kostroma. It took me an overnight train ride to get there from Moscow. The weekend was sunny and just perfect for exploring the town. There is a huge river going through the town - Volga river - so you can find nice beaches not too far from the center. Also i ate some traditional food like pirogi which are little pies, blini -- flat pancakes; and drank kompot - Russian summer drink made with fruit and berries.

What i like about small Russian towns is that they don't have much traffic, glass and concrete... there are many trees, parks, wooden houses, little old churches, tiny unique museums everywhere around! I visited a folk open-air museum, a museum of flax and linen, famous Ipatiev Monastery on Kostroma river.

I really enjoyed my weekend but i do miss my cousin Michael and can't wait to him arriving back to Moscow so we could travel together!


  1. Hallo Tanya!

    Nice to meet you, hope you see Michael soon, together is more fun then being alone! Thanks for showing your trip! We enjoyed it.

  2. Looks wonderful, Tanya. Lovely to meet you!