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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Polaroid Korea and Summer Thoughts - Toy Photo Post

Hello again from Korea!!!

I'd like to share some Polaroids and split-frame photos I've collected.  In Korea, photography in general is popular -- many people have the newest digital SLRs and, of course, every cell phone comes with a camera, but these low-tech cameras are still readily available and very popular.

A Polaroid-mini camera

I like these because many of them are from summer :-)

And here are some cameras that shoot split-screen or quad-screen images!!!

A quad-frame camera and the "Golden Half" split-screen camera.



A little bunny

A kitty

Warsaw, Poland

I hope you like them!!! I'll share some more later!

All the Best,
Michael TheMonkey


  1. I like them!! Polaroids are so authentic :)

  2. They don't make polariod film around here any more. You can get it on the internet, of course, but not in stores. I like all your pictures, but the one of the kitty especially! My mom reads about those quad-frame and split frame cameras online but never has seen one in person. How do they work?

  3. Thanks Raquel and Marlowe! Yes, I was happy to find out that Polaroid is still popular somewhere and so won't die out completely yet, because really the idea of instant chemically-printed photos is still good, even if they are just small. They last a long time and they are easy to put on a fridge.

    I think it won't be too long until the Polaroid-mini cameras available everywhere here become popular in other places around the world.

    The quad-frame camera works on a little spring-wound shutter that rotates and lets the light through the frames a split second apart. The Golden Half just takes half-frame photos. So each time you wind it, it moves the film to just the next half frame, but then when you print them you get both sides in one frame, so it makes for interesting juxtapositions. They are both really cool! I think they are both available online too, maybe at a site such as