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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prayer Trees and Bibimbap

On large old Ginkgo trees in Korea, people sometimes hang prayers or names of people to whom they'd like to bring good luck.



Bibimbap is rice and egg mixed with other things, usually the sides that come with other dishes in Korea, such as various cooked vegetables and hot pepper paste. It is sometimes described as "temple food" because it was (and is) a common meal for Buddhist monks with vows not to eat meat. The combination of egg, rice and mixed vegetables provides a fairly balanced vegetarian meal. There are not hard and fast rules about bibimbap, though, sometimes meat is added.

My bibimbap has rice, egg, salted seaweed with sesame seeds, carrots and hot pepper paste.

'Til next time!

Michael TheMonkey


  1. I like those trees with the prayers hanging.
    Have a nice day, Michael
    P.S. I would like to invite you to have a look to my blog (in Spanish and English):
    I hope you will like it and drop a line there :))

  2. I saw a picture of a tree with pieces of fabric tied to it once, I think it was a tree in Ireland. It had something to do with wishes I think. I like things like that. Special traditions always inspire me! G. told me that she and Harr have left some messages in the house we live in right now. When they have put the floor in, they have put a newspaper of the day that they bought the house under the wooden floor. With their names on it. So some day (we hope far, far away in time) someone takes the floor out and get's a message and news from 2005! I'm sorry that I didn't live here right then, then my name would be on it too... Perhaps I'll think of a way to get my name hidden in this house too...

  3. Hi Raquel, your blog is great and I think it's wonderful that it is bilingual, I am going to start making 4-language weekly posts on here! I'll certainly check yours out regularly!

    Yes, I like the prayers on the tree especially with the twine.

    Hammie that is a great idea! Maybe you could hide a photo of yourself too. Who knows how long it will be until someone discovers things hidden under the floor, it could be a very long time, and what a treasure it will be later!