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Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Wonderful Worldwide Food Blogs

Hello everybody!!! I've been looking around the internet lately for new and interesting sites and blogs, and came across these seven spots from around the world where you can find great food and great food photography!

#1 - Grilled Cheese Social

Location: New York, USA
Specialty: Cooking with cheese!

#2 - Cafe Fernando

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Specialty: All kinds of food, sometimes San Francisco-inspired

#3 - A Life (Time) of Cooking

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Specialty: Indian food

#4 - Behind the Skillet

Location: Germany (but written by an American)
Specialty: A variety, but leaning toward baked goods and vegetarian food

#5 - Cream Puffs in Venice

Location: Toronto, Canada
Specialty: Italian food

#6 - What's Cooking, Mexico?

Location: Mexico
Speciality: Mexican food

#7 - Golubka

Location: Florida, USA
Specialty: Russian Raw Food!

Whew, now I'm hungry again! I'll go stuff myself and write more later ;-)

Michael TheMonkey

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  1. Very interesting blogs!!!
    Thanks for the recommendation :)
    Have a nice weekend