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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Michael in Paris

Hi Everybody!!! I just took a whirlwind tour of Paris!

The day was perfect! There were wonderful chestnut blooms on the trees and green grass leading up to the Eiffel Tower. The weather was windy but pleasant, with puffy clouds and clear blue sky behind them.

I took a quick tour starting from Notre Dame and making a circle past the Eiffel Tower, up across the Seine to the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomph, and then back toward Notre Dame through the gardens surrounding the Louvre. I couldn't get over how even the sky and the sights themselves looked like they were from a painting.

Of course it's common knowledge, but I had to see for myself and I wasn't disappointed: Paris really is incredibly scenic! There's an huge amount to see in every direction, and even after you've seen it, it is still a very pleasant place to be. No matter where you go you can find bustling cafes, verdant gardens and warm-colored stone walls, not to mention...

Mmmmmmacarons!!! They were very tasty and very heavy, I had a little stomachache after I devoured the whole box. ;-)

All the best!
Michael TheMonkey

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