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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Foods to take to a desert island...

I recently saw this idea posted other places and I wanted to make my own list...  what would I take???

1. Bananas, of course, I'm a monkey!  While you might find these on a desert island, it's best to be safe.

2. Banana Popsicles!  It's hot on desert islands and these are a perfect cool treat.

3. Banana bread.  Mmm, for cold desert island nights, warm banana bread is perfect.

4. Banana cream pie.

5. Bananas again.  You can never have too many bananas.

What about you? Let me know what you'd take in the comments!!!


  1. We would take:

    chocolate bars (dark)
    crème brulée
    coquilles de St Jacques
    potato crisps



    I would also take G. and Harr and a nice hammock (like the one from Fatboy!) and lots and lots of books and an I Pod with all our favorite music on it! And a laptop to keep my blog going ;-)

  2. Nom, nom....Bananas!!!!!! I love bananas, specially those which come from Canary Islands, they are smaller but delicious!!!!

  3. Great list, Hammie! Other than bananas I guess I would take a hammock too :-) Mmm, I haven't had canary island bananas, thanks for letting me know!