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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the food lovers

Hello, friends! I’m back! I’ve been pretty busy lately as I moved back to Moscow after my almost 6 month travels around South Korea, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden!
It’s summer time here now which I enjoy a lot. I’ve been going on different little trip around the city and spending nice time in the parks having picnics! Last weekend I visited Hermitage Park in the center of Moscow and took part in a big FOOD event! Yes I love food! It was World Food Festival and I got to visit different continents and countries and even take some shots of me in front of the famous sights!

  Guess who?!?

Among the tasty treats there I saw and smelled roasted chestnuts, hotdogs, Thai chili shrimp... nothing sounds good enough for a monkey though. All that inspired me to have a quick run to a store and get some bananas! Planning on baking some banana bread and having my friends over! ;-)

Have a great week!
Michael TheMonkey

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